About - photographybywendyw


My art involves a sense of fluidity. At times, letting the wax evolve on its own, staying a mystery until it is completed, becoming a long lasting, one of a kind creation. It also involves a rich color palette to create depth and luminosity. Being colorblind, I strive to make the colors vibrant enough to be seen and appreciated. Encaustic painting has such a versatility, it creates a curiosity and a fascination to experiment. When I teach it, I love seeing students becoming completely focused and enamored with it.


Starting out in photography, I started taking art classes and found encaustic art completely by accident, and immediately became intrigued with the medium. There were so many endless techniques, that to this day, I am still discovering possibilities. My creations typically involve either abstract or landscape themes. I have also been in several juried exhibitions, with a solo show in April 2017, and teach beginning classes as well.



"House of Wax" Northville Art Center

Solo Show Art Insight Emporium, Monroe

"38th Annual Juried Members Exhibition" Sedona Art Center, Sedona, AZ


"Hatchback XI" HatchArt, Hamtramck

"In Flawed Abundance" New Art Center, Massachussetts

"Wax in the D" Canton Theater

"Farmington Art Program" Farmington City Hall


“Ann Arbor Women’s Artists 2016 Winter Juried Exhibition” Ann Arbor Library

“Ann Arbor Women’s Artists 2016 Fall Juried Exhibition” Riverside Art Gallery

“Art For the Holidays” Detroit Artist Market

“Through the Lens Women’s Show” Riverside Art Gallery

“2016 Juried Fine Arts Exhibit” Crooked Center for the Arts, Petoskey

“New Views A Storm of Art Juried Exhibit” Glen Arbor Gallery

“One Word Juried Exhibit” Plymouth Community Arts Council

“Ann Arbor Art Center Juried Exhibit” Ann Arbor Art Center

“Women International Art Juried Exhibit” Northend Studio Gallery, Detroit

“Poetry Art Night” Village of Fine Arts, Milford

“Ann Arbor Women’s Artists 2016 Summer Juried Exhibition” Ann Arbor Library

“Ann Arbor Women’s Artists 2016 Spring Juried Exhibition” Riverside Art Gallery


“Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art Annual Holiday Juried Show” MICA, Lansing